Skiing in Australia for Beginners and Experts

Skiing in Australia

When you think of the land down under, you think of safaris, sunny days, some beautiful beaches, but you might not think of popular winter sports. There’s nothing quite like skiing in Australia. A lot of people don’t know that some of the best skiing can be done there having always thought Australia was a hot sunny country. Skiing here is appealing as it caters for everyone, of all abilities and this is what makes it a fabulous family getaway, with excellent Aussie hospitality thrown in. In both Tasmania and Victoria there are ski fields you can visit to accommodate all types of skiers. The Thredbo Ski Resort is located close to Australia’s highest peak Mt. Kosciuszko and has the longest ski run in the country. Perisher Ski Resort has fields as large as twelve square kilometers and great runs for the advanced and beginning skier. Some have compared the lovely skiing atmosphere here to the very popular Mt Hutt skifield in New Zealand. If you’re looking for some great skiing in Australia these are the best places to start.


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