Trekking in the blue mountains in Australia

Because of its position, less than 2 hours from Sydney, many Australian city dwellers head out to the Blue Mountains for a reprieve from stifling city life. It isn’t surprising that the beauty and sites have meant many kinds of accommodation being established to cater for ardent nature lovers visiting the blue mountains national park. There are many activities one can enjoy as well. This wonderful protected park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which forms part of the Great Dividing Range. There are rivers, waterfalls, unusual rainforest plants and a number of mammals, birds and insects that make the park their home. Visitors to the Blue Mountains in Australia will be delighted with the many lookouts there are as well and the many short walks along cliffs and under waterfalls. For the more adventurous visitors, there is rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoning among other attractions. You can always book an adventure tour which will allow you easy access to all these thrilling activities. Visitors to the Blue Mountains in Australia will be in for many surprises, and they may even want to consider a trip on the Katoomba Scenic Railway, the steepest railway in the world. Small wonder that millions visit this wondrous park each year.

Blue mountains in Australia

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