4 mountain sports you can try today

Wherever mountains stand, there will also be a lot of opportunities for great sports activities. So what are 4 mountain sports that you can try today? Mountain sports take place in mountainous or hilly terrain, so most of the sports require some special equipment and some specialised training, because of the higher risk levels. However, if you do not have the training just yet – why not try to find a local climber’s club where you can start with the theory, then later go into climbing in groups or at a climbing wall? Paragliding is another fun mountain sport that, if you do it solo, requires some training. You can, however, go on a tandem paraglide, which means that you get to try the thrill of it, and at the same time be very safe with the experienced instructor guiding you from the same equipment. In the winter, you could go freeriding in the mountains, proven that you have some experience. If you don’t, you will have to get good at skiing first. Start out practising on pistes and when you’re really good, start slowly with ski mountaineering and freeriding. In the summer, mountain biking can be an absolute thrill. It might sound a bit odd biking in the mountains, but have a look at some competitions to get inspired. Mont Ste Anne to host the world mountain bike championship for the third time. The mountain is located in Canada, Quebec. So, do all these 4 mountain sports require extensive training? No, hiking is another fun activity that doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment nor training. Find out some fun walking trails, lace up your boots and head off! Challenge yourself, but make sure to drink plenty of water while you’re at it, and be safe.


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