Facts about the mountains in the Himalayas

Mountains in the Himalayas

global warming and its impacts are a grim reality. The mountains in the Himalayas are, unfortunately, a global climate change hot spot and the wildlife of the region, as well as the people who live there, are feeling the change. In fact, many people rely on these Himalayan glaciers for water, and millions of people rely on their very health, thanks to this fragile mountain range. Climate change in the mountains in the Himalayas is a real threat as many glacial lakes are starting to form. It is the very rate at which the ice is melting, which is causing these lakes to grow alarmingly. If the water can’t be contained, it will sweep down into the valleys and wash homes, bridges, roads and lives away. The problem of rising temperatures is nothing new, the world has been aware of it for years and with the Himalayas, it will affect several countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China and Bhutan, if not the whole world.